Reviews for "Muscle Bird"

yyyeeeaaaaahhhhhh no....

nnnnnope.........nothing too new or great, but I liked that steroids scene....

It was ok.

The animation wasn't too bad and your idea was good. I think you should have worked the story more. The best part of the whole thing is you got Dirge from Xombie (Geoff Edwards) to do the voice acting. You get four stars for effort. I'm not trying to be like some people and just write hateful and rude comments, I think if you keep at it and you'll get there.


Good effort but I couldnt watch it through about 1 min


im not sure why mabey it's his sole less eyes but he just creeps me out something fierce

BorrisMoose responds:

Sorry... for the creepiness. He can't help how he looks.