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Reviews for "Anaksha: Female Assassin"

Pretty good, definitely better then what I expected. Like the use of black and white but sometimes I had to completely reload the came just to skip a cut scene but otherwise very well done :D

The gameplay might be simple, I'll definitely give it that. But the story is one of the things that gets me most. It's very dark and gritty, and definitely not for children. But that really makes you feel for the protagonist a lot more, and makes you feel good about killing those people. Sure it might be fictional, but it's still very well written.

Also, the black and white art really gives you that sense of grimness and negativity within the world. It really makes you feel the emotion in a sense.

No brainer dtory line, as the author put it, is a very apt way to sum up the game. All you do it point and click at the target you are after and you are done. The game has great artwork, but absolutely no substance. The controls ran clean and the game ran flawlessly for me. However once you get to the hospital, no one ever arrives. I looked for hidden faces and there was none.

How many levels are there? I love the game though!

umm it was fun for the first two levels but on the third, there was no-one there