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Reviews for "Anaksha: Female Assassin"

Just a single thought.....maybe you can expand things to include limbs, and longer distance shots too??? Nothing else to say. It's a shooter unlike most i've seen here. I would say a few things are wrong, but that's just you're artistic difference from my point of view of a shooter. This game is a GREAT basis for any shooter that intends to have snipers. Story could use a "little" change up though. The straight up "Vigilante" story is kinda overkilled. But the game mechanics make up of such a minor issue. Wonderful. Just keep getting better at it.

I like this game, only problem is after shooting the final objective in the last level my flash player crashes, happened twice so far :(

Fun game, but after two attempts to watch the ending I have given up as it freezes up. Maybe it is just my browser though.

Great game! The graphics were good, the controls were nice and simple, I thought the story was interesting and I like how the victims are the type of people that you would want to blow their head off. I also liked how you had to concentrate on who's the guy you kill, the only bad part was that at one of the levels after telling Anaksha's backstory with Zara, there's no people when it came to the school, so I could really shoot anyone and I can't move on...

Great game but it sucks that I can't get a body shot on the targets. I wanted to see them squirm for their crimes.