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Reviews for "Anaksha: Female Assassin"

Tries too hard to be noir-ish and intense. Gameplay is prettymuch a one-trick pony, but is mildly interesting. There could have been more going on in the action scenes besides people walking in a straight line. Graphics in the cutscenes are very well done. The story is hard to swallow as I've never encountered people that terrible in my life. There have probably only been a handful of people that bad in the history of humanity, and they were probably deeply disturbed, but I digress

Not too bad. I could tell you tried to make a complete cohesive experience that carries you through to the end, and that's what separates a game from a mini-game

Great game with a good fucked up surrounding story

finally found it shoot the rope when he's under it to kill him on laast level

awsome but no saving ;-;

I tip my hat to you sir...
This is one of the greatest games ive ever played...
Next story could you make another guy/girl assassin who like..some what psychotic no family no friends just hates the world and kills certain people that harms the city country or world?
But this is still a very good game...
Good job creating it