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Reviews for "Anaksha: Female Assassin"

friggin awesome!

story was very touching, graphics were good, splatter effects were amazing ^^

a must-play!

Game is okay...

Fantastic graphics, solid feel to the snipering, but it is simply just too basic in my opinion. Another sniper game. That's all.

I also noticed your plea to other web-sites that they not steal the game... basically, you just challenged their basic desire to do so, and asked for it. I searched on Google, and it is all over the place. Of course, as a developer you should have known how to protect yourself from this within the program itself. All you had to do was release a version here that checks the base URL that the file is called from and verify that it contained "newgrounds.com" within the first so-many characters of the URL. All you had to do was make your first scene a tiny bit of actionscript verifying this condition and all it does if it isn't true is stop on some message telling everyone who reads it to go screw themselves. I mean, honestly... duh.

ArifRocks responds:

Did you notice the bit where it said it was OK to host it on other sites once I obtained the corrrect license? I mean, honestly... duh!

Wait a minute

As far as the game goes, it was a solid sniper game with good work done on the cutscenes. I personally didn't like the cutscenes, but I've never been a fan of comics or one-liners either, so it might just be me.
The game has what you might expect, identify your target(s) and take them out, sometime it asks you to take them out in specific ways, but for me the whole thing was a bit repetitive and easy.
Also, I agree with warror, there seemed to be a bit too much stuff about women being the angelic victim from the demonic men. At first it was fine, but then got to the point of ridiculous. Chief police officer refusing to believe that 50% of the population (women) could POSSIBLY be a murderer? come on.

and jon2kkeq
The temporal lobe is near the "center mass", near the center of the skull. Also, range is a big factor to how much force is actually carried through the impact.


great game
the best sniping game in newgrounds so far i think...
but you need to try more variation in the storyline..

and btw jimthehardass
most sniper-rifle create enough force to push medulla oblongata out of its normal position and causes instant kill even though the shot hit temporal lobe or the cerebellum..

great game and story but....

the others were right too many rapist, not all men are rapist even though bad men usuallly do take over females or weaker men.

and women do bad stuff too. they molest pimp their children and use drugs around their children and just alot of other stuff

so less rapist and more women kill some of those hookers. shit.