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Reviews for "Camp North Space Shooter"



El-Presidente responds:

SWEET! That makes me really happy that I'm getting good reviews.


this game is really amazing! Its fun and retro, great job!


i got up to the big space ship thing..
the explosions look pretty cool :O

El-Presidente responds:

yeah, NO HELP!
Naw, just playing, doomshock did the exposion because I can't animate with a mouse pad! Here's to doomshock!

good but

controls are a little difficult. sometimes u just want to aim at a certain soot so u hover ur moues there, but instead he goes over there, not cool. 7.

El-Presidente responds:

That's a good thing to know. Thanks for the crit. I know what you mean, but it was the only way to have the mouse incorporated instead of using the arrow keys.


It was -pretty- good. I wasn't a big fan of the way the control scheme worked, though. The way the ship followed your mouse made it much harder to aim at an enemy ship without plowing straight into it. And when you stayed still and shot at the enemy, you were a sitting duck just waiting to be shot down.. This really detracted from the gameplay.

Also, you just kind of did the same exact thing over and over again with no real change or new enemies, which kind of got boring. If you make another iteration of this, try and spice things up by adding new enemies and challenges every round to keep things interesting.

I did however love your engine, and the graphics minus those of your ship and the enemy ship were really good. If you change the controls around, (wasd and mouse, perhaps?) and add in more varience, you could have a stellar game on your hands. :)

El-Presidente responds:

thanks :) you may have actually inspired the plot to my next game. I've been debating with some people on what it should be, so maybe I'll think about it with the great reviews I've gotten on this, which only took me a few days.