Reviews for "I Get A Kick Out Of You"


I really enjoyed that! You obviously spent time over this, and worked hard to create it. The animation works perfectly with the song, and it kept me watching until the end.

Very interesting style of animation

Thank you for not being boring! This is probably the first submission today that I've actually really liked. The beginning part with the fish was really well animated. I laughed when I saw the guy that looks like the Canadians in South Park. Good job :]

Now for the criticism: I think the lines were a little too light. I wouldn't make them completely opaque, but maybe just a little bit darker to contrast with the background.

Very Nice

It's an amazing flash. Nice fluid movement. Everything moves in time with the movement. I liked the background and the effects towards the end. Also, good choice of music. Not much more I can say about it, except for the fact that it's awesome.

Fun while it lasts.

I love your textures. It looks like watercolour scribbles on top of a photo of a wall?

The stripes and symmetry as we return to the 'plane' line has a cool retro vibe about it.

I feel like you could have had more going on though. Like in the section where the guy's just playing the piano. I like the subtle bg stuff going on with the circles/rectangles, but maybe having his body not be in such a short cycle would make it interesting. Or even adding more visual detail - lines for the piano keys would clearly show what it's meant to be without detracting from simplicity.

I wasn't too keen on the pixellated bit or the more 'realistic' face near the end - those parts didn't really seem to fit. (Specially the face - seemed totally incongruous.)

Most of all, I was annoyed by the abrupt ending. That seemed kinda like laziness.

It was fun while it lasted though and you have some cool ideas in your graphics - specially the bg rectangles etc.

very good

The animation was cool (especially when the pianist is playing the fish :P) and It was a good movie. I liked it a lot. If it doesn't get an award you will at least know your someones new favorite movie. :D The music went well with the animation, but..... there were a few parts where it was kinda like.."what?" but other than that..Splendid!