Reviews for "I Get A Kick Out Of You"

good but....

you should have used the original sinatra versionof the song,other than that good job


It's got a very catchy song and an interesting concept and style... It's certainly different, but it works. Fun :) I especially love the beginning

Even things I'd consider faults normally (odd animation, abrupt ending) work really well for this flash's surreality.


I have no idea why, but when I saw this, I was reminded of mid-90s Nickelodeon cartoons.

Anyways, I liked the blending-style of animation. It seemed to fit the song pretty well. The only thing that didn't was how the characters talked. Their heads splitting in half seemed just a tad TOO cartoony for the rest of the animation. Definitely worth moving you closer to 4.00, though.

Good luck with the trophy!

great song great flash

ever thought about going into designing adverts?
would suit a car ad...imagine it playing to the new toyota pirus?

Good stuff

Too often do I see you just slap together 2 hour flashes. Not saying that you never spend time on them. When you do though, it's awesome. You have a lot of talent, and an entertaining style.
I think in this flash, it came out very nicely. It was very smooth, and had a few moments of humor, even though there is no dialouge, or even story. Such as the piano being replaced by the fish. Nice touch ;)

I enjoyed it. Very nice piece or work here. What FPS did you use? And how long did you work on it for?
Also, good luck on that award. Especially after being robbed on AoFS 7.