Reviews for "I Get A Kick Out Of You"

I voted, it was well done.

It seems your first trophy came to reality. Great job on the flash, simple drawings but it shows your style on the flash you create.

I enjoy watching your other flashes as well, great song by the way.


Fish piano!

Good job.


Love this song

I'm a huge Sinatra fan and this is one of my standards of his. I'd never heard Callum's version until this and I gotta say it's really quite good.

The animation though is what makes this Flash great. It's simple, easy to understand and you really synchronised it well with the piano.

A swell job.


I really enjoyed this. It's not something I normally do, however I was just thinking about my girlfriend while this song played. Really fit the mood. Nice job :)

I like it but...

I have to agree with Kiwi, just because we are members on NG doesn't mean we aren't connoisseurs of music who appreciate the classics. But a good job none the less.

FrozenSheep responds:

I just decided to use the jamie cullum version because it is more piano based which I enjoy animating more. While sinatra`s version is more big band and filled with trumpets and wind related instruments.

Can`t beat the original though.