Reviews for "Aurora_The Viking Way"

pretty good

It was a good game

Liked it.

Very decent work, straight forward and had you wanting to beat it quickly. The only thing that sucked was that I was hit several times by the Beast at the start of the level because of the Moon Mountain thing.. all in all, I beat it in my first try, and the boss fights were pretty fun! Great job!


Simple. but interestign enough to leave an impression. I like the game for its arcade-y, mega drive-y nostalgia and I was constantly reminded of such beauties as Shadow of the Beast and Golden Axe as I played through. The constant level switching lowers the repetition level and keeps you playing, but in the end the gameplay is fairly repetitive - but no more than a Mega Drive game. Very impressive for a 3mb game

Pretty good

I think it was a little bit slow and repetative but other than that it was a very well made and thought out game. Good storyline and graphics and not too difficult or too easy


Good game really enjoyed it but it it missing that something special to set it apart
Rpg elements would be a great way to go

Really makes me wanna play last battle for the genesis now lol