Reviews for "The Portal Is Not Enough"


Eat your heart out Sean Connery!

KnottsberryClock responds:

Hehe, don't forget Tim Winton and Pierce Brosnan!

That was really cool!

Hey but could you do Scandal Part 5 soon? I have been waiting for like 2 months.

Very cool

WooT! Great flah. Strawberry makes a great James Bond.

Absolutly hillarious!

As a big fan of Bond movies I really enjoyed this! I couldn't stop smiling as I watched the bright graphics and listend to the hillarious voice acting. Excellent work! I actually hope to see Ki10 back and, of course, Strawberry clock must return to kick Ki10's ass!

pretty good

It is a pretty good parady of the world is not enough. I might even try to get to more other of the clockwork films, as they are not too much into the damned hip hop culture.