Reviews for "The Portal Is Not Enough"


Yeah Ki1o is this guy that hates the clockcrew and is jealous of them...Maybe he is CarrotClock, who knows? I guess he might have tried to join the clock crew and they declined, but its probably just jealousy. Nice movie! P.S...the 10 for violence was going to be a 7 but I kept slapping my head so I made it a 10


is there a NG member who's Alias is ki10? Just curious. This movie was good though. 5/5

BC Penguin

Yea, there was a player on battlefield that said he was the voice of strawberry clock. I wanted to confirm this information. : ) I belive his battlefield name was (BC) penguin orANOTHER BC GUY. oH YEA, THE MOVIE WAS GOOD TOO

One of my Favorite clocks..

I love any kind of movie you make cause it has a certain flair..-From your fan-Loserman1-Critic

This had no point!!!

You cant follow it...it has no real plot...none of it makes sence...the graphics sucked,,,the sound sucked...& the voices & music was 2 different volumes!!!