Reviews for "The Portal Is Not Enough"

Clocks in fruit??? Must be french humor....

Well there was potential to be funny... This movie tries a little to hard to be innovative. Clocks in fruit? What kind of excuse for a joke is that? I guess it might be funny if you were stoned, 4 years old or from annother country. Well it is nicely done (visualy clean and coherant audio) and it has decent music. But there is a definite lack of style and is very bland with gradients and solid fills for backgrounds. There isn't much spice in the humor either with the sum of the funny resting in talking fruit and repetive explosions.
If you got a cable modem and your bored this ones a good way to waste a minute but if you got dial up there's better flash out there.

well done knottsberry

haha "M" haha

Anh! would &could have beeg a 7-8 with sound!!

not worth wasting time on ,even with the good graphics with out sound a bummer ,I thoughe my system crapped out at first ,it is good to read ,but sound makes everything great!

This is awesome!!!

Man you have to make a sequil I loved this! Awesome movie, but you should get people to say the stuff instead of that dumb simple text or whatever (like get tom to do his voice and on the next wade could do something). If you do some more I am almost shure they will be in the top 50!

Das ist sehr gut!

This is a cool movie. Well done. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla.