Reviews for "The Portal Is Not Enough"


this was actually pretty good and all of those n00bz who hav never created a flash animation..nevermind a movie have no right to downgrade you because you are of the clock crew


What is your exact point of these flashes? Pissing people off by submiting crap that get way too popular than it deserves? You guys are just evil.

the portal is not enough...

for your crappy submissions and i dont care if people call me mean or jealous i just want the CC to die like numa numa

Eh. Not so good.

You coud do better. There are enough James Bond parodies in this world already.

aww man

and after i was told that the crappy clocks were fakes i thought that the real clock movies would be good, this was nothing like the world was not enough (cept for the boat) and get some real voice actors for christ sakes