Reviews for "apprentice illusion magician"

yugioh confuses me now

bocodamondo responds:

the game had a retardedly huge power creep during the past few years

For some reason i like Yugioh now...

bocodamondo responds:

sounds like you've never met cyber dragon infinity, castel or kozmos ^^

I love it :3
Ur the best! I wana kiss u and hug u ^^
U made my day :3

You really give a this-could've-been-taken-straight-out-of-an-anime impression with these! Imaginative, expressive and full of form. Looks good!


bocodamondo responds:

haha thanks ^^

I see what you did there with the description. (Imma translate your joke)

AIM is like Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow because she can be discarded to boost a Dark Spellcasters attack.

Tricky because she discards a card to special herself. DMG is p obvious.
You forgot Elemental hero stratos. She searches Dark Magician on summon :P