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Reviews for "Beach Linda"

:) 10/10 5/5

if only in reality was it this easy to get a hot chick (who isnt a slut) to have sex.


I agree with SuperBored it does lack positions and there aren't that many outcomes but it is still one of my own so will give it a 10.

well man, you've got a mind with anime dogs,cats.

oh my, your art is too good for me dude. your too awesome.
so dude,mind if you make another one? man, this flash is awesome!!!!!
*start masterbating*


This game is awsome.
More you canĀ“t say to this. Everyone (who is allowed to play this game) should play it.
Excellent work.

i'm going to give it a 10 for it to get me to clic

honestly i only played the game to see why people get arouse by humanoid animals that talk. but i don't see it i mean i see how a human girl would turn me on but with this i don't see. anyway goodbye this is me signing off