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Reviews for "Beach Linda"

bad art

the graphics were really bad
it had no shading and the art seemed really old
anyway i liked it

Very nice...

There could have been a bit of music and sound, but other than that, a fine game. She was designed quite well, but a little more detail could have made her even better. Overall, very easy and cute game. Certainly not for minors though, even though they'll play it anyway.

TerdBurgler responds:

Hehe, I can't say I didn't expect the kiddies to play my game but the important thing is that I can be held responsible for it!


Feckin awesome d00d! Bout damn time you finished it! Haha! I hope it withstands the barrage of ignorant 8 year old newgrounds fanatics... XD

TerdBurgler responds:

Tell me about it! I get all these people ranting about how it's "unnoriginal." Dude's it's F'in PORN!