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Reviews for "Beach Linda"

Great game, I remember playing this years ago.

I would really like to see that turning into the new M&F series!

God, I love this game!

Conversation seems a lot more realistic that the M&F series.
Also, the fact that there are several endings and several ways to get to each
ending is a great feature. It keeps me replaying the game.
Also, the easter egg was hidden well and it took me a while to find.
Overall, a great quick game thats recommended to all hentai fans!

Though I would really enjoy some sound that fits the game, but at
least there are no cheesy repetitive sounds.

an excellent game and one of my favorites i love how you get to earn your sex without a bunch of dumb questions no offense to the m&f series

edit: total offense to the M&F series i hate those guys now

need audio, other than that good