Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"


sorry to say this first one is total shit. your sound was of by like 3 secconds. your graphics were pretty shitty too (and the graphics tied for the best rating). also i dont get the first one about the screen door i meen what the fuck was that green fuckin thing? the seccond ones story line was short but good. i havent seen your other ones yet so i dont know if they improve so thats why i'm going to watch them and rate them


this things good from the possible artistic value im sencing, but it could have bin some shit u put togather for no reason.
And is the adio seposed to b out of place or r u just not so hot at the flash.
time to judge the rest of em.

keeps getting better and btter

each time i watch it

This review is for the whole series.

I loved it, very unique and good. Funny stuff. You have dont the most with simplicity. I commend you.
Watched all of them. Great series. Surprised at the scores, but hey, im not gonna argue.

Boycott the swiss?

Nice flash, but I'm half swiss man why boycott us i don't get it?