Reviews for "B&W Drama Theater"


this is an epic fail the one thing i likle is when the pointless guy says oh sh*t

I hope to quit

I hope you're not continuing this. You need to try harder if you want to make good videos to impress people then just some crappy animation and sound.


I think this is good, certainly better than what I can do.
Might just have been me, but a couple of sounds sounded like they weren't quite synchronised with the animation, but I might be imagining things.

bezoop. :3

I think everyone wriing shitty reviews can shut the fuck up.
This was amazing.
I plan on watching every one of your videos because this one is fantastical enough to get me hooked.
If you don't like the animation style and humor then just shut up and leave, go watch something else.
AlantheBOX, you keep up the kick ass work. I love it.
The humor was subtle yet hilarious, I lol'd.
And the only reason I clicked on this video in the first place was because of the animation on the icon, I love it.
The whole thing was simple yet had character to it.
I love this and you, don't change anything,

pretty good

its simple animation and simple humor, and thats good