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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"


Go read my review in "barnyard shenanigans"!

WOW.... Simply.... WOW!!!!

My god, this was Monty Python gone horribly wrong.... (but in a very good way!)

Busted a nut laughing at this, and I still do to this day!


not as good as the first bad a nice compliment

I dont even want to know what position that bbw monster was in at the end!


This is just so wonderful, I just found this and I dun care how old it is, I LOVE IT!!! Damn anyone who stands in D.R.'s way of making more tripped out-hypno-bloody thingies!! KEEP'EM COMING!

I made all my friends watch this

I know this movie is 2 years old.. but this is what NG was BUILT on. I wish Daniel Rowe would make another B.S. movie.

Because the world deserves more B.S.

This movie was sexier than sex.