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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"


Now this was more amusing than Barmyard Shenananana....whatever, probably because it was going by so fast I couldn't focus on the action for more than a couple of seconds. Maybe that's the secret to this blood and scat humor thing, the faster it goes the more funny it seems.

The sound of the bloke being sick did worry me...maybe you should put a warning around that thing...the sheep humping the dog worried me more than the grandma getting attacked by the pigs...mainly cause it didn't look like you'd edited THAT image...the internet is a strange place indeed Dr Watson

At the end of the day...maybe it's just a bloke thing. Can't say I've seen many female reviwers around here...but anyway, I gave this an overall score of 5...enjoy...ta ta

best flash toon

great job daniel,i almost died laughingthis is the bast toon ever!!!!!
im deriently seeing thet movei(mabey the movie could have surge in it
PS.save surge

Just sick


Sexy. Stunning.

Very nice parody of a movie trailer using the original Barnyard Shenanigans as the movie. Can't say it moved me as much as the BS did, but still, that's a very hard task to complete and it's still an excellent movie.


I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHINN!!!!!!! AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA... That was THEEE Best I'm telling you THEE BEST!.. I love the song.. Is there a name to it or did you make it up yourself?