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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"

Thank God for Daniel Rowe

Daniel Rowe has perhaps come up with the most brilliant genre known to man with these Barnyard Shenanigans movies: random, unadulterated mayhem shock fests! This movie was great, it made me laugh throughout the entire thing, especially with all the pigs humping the old lady. Daniel Rowe should be the President of the United States or something, he kicks ass!


This was so funny! Any1 who thinks this is stupid sux!


What kind of a sick fuckin joke is this!! I waited forever to see this shit.. and then it turns out to be total SHIT SHIT SHIT!


Even better than the other one. The references to Star Wars were guiness. Keep up the great work.

Another great flick I can't seem to stop watching!

Nice again on everything eccept the interactivity. Egh, what the hell do you expect for an interactivity score when theres only the salt and pepper start button.....