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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"

Um, no.

It was horrible, a spoof trailer that was just a collection of pasted images with some piss, sex and shit jokes which just weren't at all funny, piss and shit jokes aren't funny, they never were and they never will be, and sex jokes this stupid are also never funny. If you were going to do this you should have actually drawn everything in it yourself instead of using pasted images for all the animal and the woman. This movie was jsut completely stupid, a combination of humour that's never funny with animals blowing up and getting killed and stuff, which also wasn't funny, it was just a really horrible combination.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


The randomness is...

so nice, partly why ure my #1 author....keep it up!

Funny shit

Jar Jar was the best


Not for the squeamish at heart.

This movie is...........

SOO GOD DAMN FUNNY.............people started to tell me to shut the fuck up cause of my laughing. Man couldn't get the voices in the beginning but what the beginning lacks it makes up for in the end LMAO ROFL.