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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"

G...g.g.g..... GAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I hope that a new one comes out!

*blank stare*

i want to weep for joy. oh happy day!


I gave this work of art a perfect 10. I haven't seen any such interactive-multimedia like this since I was at yo' momma's house! It has all the graphics, the smoothest style, harmonious sound, excessive violence, and all the humor of lookin' at yo' momma naked.

I near shit myself!

We want to see more Barnyard Shenan... whatever the hell it's called. Come on buddy, we're addicted here.

By Pepitonia Times:

"Whassissface has done it again. now with more shanana..aganana...anagins than the first 6 combined. i give it 32 stars. ****************************** **. bring the kids, the neighbors, but not old people. they're not covered by Newgrounds' insurance. its a must-see"