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Reviews for "Theatrical Trailer Trash"

I got to see this movie dude.......

I liked the part when the sign said "Watch out for the falling poop" and then poop came falling from the sky............


That WAS sexier than sex.

I loved Barn yard Shenanigans

And I can't wait for the new improved one.

Mega Trash

Whoa! This is TROMA-like. Ultra-senseless-violence in the farm: THIS is art! Check out Tyler Durden's "cigarrete burn" and mega-disgusting porn in the end. Stuff like the butt-head (the guy with the head in his butt, which I still think is fake) can be found at rotten.com. Also, I think that porn(?) crap in the end is also probably from there.

Mesa think yousa disturbed

Fight Clubesque nudie scenes, pigs porking, random violence all involving lunch. You are a sad and twisted individual, but then again... well... no you are sad and twisted