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Reviews for "FWG Bridge 2"

fun and silly!

i just played the casle drawer it wasnt good :( but this sooo made upo for it i find that making a huge trianlge then make smaler ones in it rely works well it was funy and witty u did good thatll do gamer thatll do! keep it up and make 1 with ice that can help keep stuff up for a wile *jumps in another portal* later dude!

whoa.....it blew my mind

ok i was bored so i made a stik person out of it and ges wat? wen i pressed start the person piked up sum bugs and threw them over the line! i beet the game buy doing that~idk if sum1 haked it or wat but thank you!

very cool

i was amazed

great music choice, blue print design and everything!! very professional looking
and fun :P


I have the same problem

It's all pink for me too... I'll go with every one's score though just to be fair