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Reviews for "FWG Bridge 2"

ok but a copy

its an ok game but its just a copy of bridge builder

I have the same problem

It's all pink for me too... I'll go with every one's score though just to be fair


I'm glad to see that you have a stronger type of bridge, and that you can play sandbox mode! The level save is good too. I can finally reclaim my bridges. You have improved this game about 700%. I love the backgrounds. A small problem though. When you put one node, and then another RIGHT next to it, it seems as thouhg you can not delete it without clearing your ENTIRE bridge. An "Undo last move" button would give this a 10.

very cool

i was amazed

great music choice, blue print design and everything!! very professional looking
and fun :P


You are aware this game is HUMANELY FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE to play, aren't you?

You CANNOT win this game. At all. It just cannot be done.