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Reviews for "Create a Gun V2"


One of my favorite games on NG!

desertthunder responds:

Thanks man! Thanks a bunch. Bet ya can't wait for V3 then.

yo dude

this game is awsome its like the best here

and hey for v3 how about putting killswitch engage - end of heartache

desertthunder responds:


love it

love it mixxing parts but one thing i would love is like a second trigger you know for a second barrel that might shoots grenades of shotgun shells love it man i wonder how come you dont have front pge yet

desertthunder responds:

lol I know, wheres my front page? but V3 might definately be frontpage...


i made a sik minigun. cant wait for v3!! maby allow ppl to rotate the peices and change the layers would be cool

desertthunder responds:

That's coming in V3!

i created a very big gun

i created a very big gun is not a joke