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Reviews for "MindFeed"

Humorous @ ,@

I found this to be a portrayal of the sarcasm of GLaDOS in Portal...

I personally really enjoyed every bit of it. clever concept and it really involved some serious BrainAge styled stuff.

Kudos: 1000

PS: expand on this, i think you have something going here.

Is that your final answer?

I answered NO, because it wouldn't be my final answer, because it wasn't the last question, If I would have said YES, that would have meant it was my last answer, and the YES wouldn't even existed. So I said NO, because NO would be my last answer...

But apparently that just meant I wasn't confidant.

10/10 because it actually summed me up pretty accurately, I never saw my score though, because I exited after personality scores because I thought it was done.

im semi-intelligent...

that was fun
make another one that longer
and maybe funnier


that was awesome :D

very awesome

i got 79