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Reviews for "MindFeed"


This is brilliant. I love this game. I'm playing again right NOW!

"Likes bagels: Yes."

When the "average of those numbers" appeared, I was thinking OH CRAP! That's hard, but fun. Oh, and I like the 'load' screen. xD

K-Guare responds:

I'm really glad you liked it man,
i only wish it was as fun to MAKE these games
as it is to play it, but oh well. Thanks for reviewing :D

WOOT great game

haha that was funny. on teh last one, when it asks for your score, say no, then it asks if u r sure, say yes, so funny. anyways, it was very entertaining. I scored a 110, and no lower numbers arent good, the score also relates to your personal score i believe. anyways, great game.

K-Guare responds:

Welp, your wrong on one thing,
your personal scores, and your actual score are completely separate.
For the numerical score, i have four global variables that add together to get the score.
For the personal scores, i have six global variables for each trait.
They don't interfere with each other throughout the game.
But good hypothesis :],
glad you thought it was funny, i like that part too :D
Thanks for playing/reviewing man :]

I like it =]

Was crazy cool :), I appreciated this game alot it was a nice change towards other submission's out there,nice work xD

Any chance of creating future related submissions ?


K-Guare responds:

Thanks a lot, different was what i wanted :D
There is a chance i'll make a sequel, but,
it may not be for a while.
But i'm glad you liked it enough to want to see one :]
Thanks for the review :D


That test was impressive and mind blowing. I got 30 Points. In one word SUPER ;D

K-Guare responds:

In one word:

Nearly 500 reviews!

I'll help you up there.

Awesome quiz, it's got an extremely unique style and originality which is why it is so famous, keep it up.

Well done, this quiz deserves it's reputation, because normally when I do quizzes I feel the need to do them, but this one I wanted to do, and I had fun!


K-Guare responds:

I'm really glad you liked it,
this is one of my favorite reviews :D
A unique style was exactly what i was aiming for,
but the sad part is i had a LOT more in store for this during production.
I just got really lazy :[
Oh well, thank you so much for your encouraging words,
if you ever need something, PM me and i'll do my best to help you out.
Thanks so much man :]