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Reviews for "MindFeed"

Just my cup of tea!

First off let me congratulate you on a game very well done. Not only is it (sort of) helping you to discover inner self, or rather bring you a bit closer. It also shows humor and attitude like no other game I've ever played on Newgrounds before and much to my liking.
I really loved the short replies that I got from my answers, especially the one from the "are you single?"-question.
It seems to me that there's more than just the answers themselves that determines the score. I guess it's also *how* and perhaps *when* you answer, right?
It is a bit short, but that perfectly fine by me. A longer game wouldn't make much of a difference, since I was already laughing and were more than satisfied by the end of it anyway.

5/5 10/10 and a h5 for bagels!

- Draz

K-Guare responds:

Well how you answer your question does matter, but,
for the sequel i was thinking about doing it so
more personal questions have timed answers.
Like if you take a longer time to answer it, it
could parse that your lying about it.
And you'll loose points :D
Good idea, and
i know it's a bit short; everything is done
frame by frame, and i just got
so damned lazy about it :[
Hilarity ensues :D
Hi Fives for delicious bagels!
This is another one of my favorite reviews :]
Glad you liked it,
And thanks for reviewing :]


I got a 51. it was funny because you didn't know what you were doing half the time, but it was fun that way. The sarcasim was the best! keep up the great work!

K-Guare responds:

Keeping things real.
Not telling you exactly what your doing is fun :D
Thanks a lot man, and
Thanks for reviewing :D

i liked it

Simple but interesting.

I scored 48. Apparently that wasn't very good though.

K-Guare responds:

That's pretty good actually,
nothing to be ashamed of.
Thanks for reviewing ;]

41 points....

...means i made it right?, very original, you get 10/10 5/5

K-Guare responds:

Thanks a lot man,
Lol, well you haven't really 'made' anything, but,
we can believe what we want to believe, right?
Aha, thanks for playing :]

nice quize

the test was completly correct
logical thinker, shy, he read it al correct :D

ps: score 93 :D
(high is good is it?)

K-Guare responds:

I'm a Logical thinker, and Shy as well,
that's probably why you scored so high :D
And yes, a high score is a good score.
Thanks for reviewing :]