Reviews for "MindFeed"

Aw man!

Holy crap was that awesome.
I got a 38!!! Is that bad? XD
Tons of fun though.
One complaint: You continued to use the wrong 'you're'.
Anywho, great game. Good stuff.
PS: Those numbers were freakin' me out! XD

K-Guare responds:

Serious? Dear god. I guess nobody is perfect, oh well.
Thanks man, i'm glad you liked it.
The numbered task is my favorite one :D

to bad those bagels and OJ arnt real

i could use some now im starving :( . good test best score 44 which matches me

That was really interesting

I like these kind of evaluation games. Great job making this one :] I scored a 77 out of ??? I hope that's good :]

and bagels rock


it was fun to play funny and verry interesting :D i got 52 and i think logically overall its absolutelly great


bagels were hot dog and orange juice complemented it very well. My score was 72. I hope thats good.