Reviews for "MindFeed"


I know you said that you can no longer get a negative score, but I got a -3 on the first go...

Otherwise, I liked it very much. I would say it has a pretty high replay value, seeing as I'm going to go take it again... :) It's just a touch creepy, with the music and the computer-personality, which is very nice, and I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

Only thing I would wish for is a little more explanation of the scoring; i.e., what exactly is the personality trait supposed to mean, and the happiness trait, etc. I got "happy" as a result, for example, and though it would seem obvious, it would be nice to know what you mean by that as compared to not happy or downright depressed.

Overall, very good job!! :)


K-Guare responds:

Yeah, the scores are something i MIGHT explain a little more about
in a sequel or something, and i'm
99.999% sure i fixed the negative scores.
But overall, i'm glad you liked ti.
Thanks for reviewing. <3


is 41 a good score? i have no idea about the scoring system, what's the highest score? y am i even asking this???? i already beat the game, that should be enough for me......hmmm........whatever, good game, 9 out of 10, should've explained the scoring system a little better, but other than that, good game

K-Guare responds:

Yes, why are you asking this? :D
I think i'll explain more of the scoring in the next one.
Glad you liked. :]

Pretty cool.

Really nice presentation and the music fits well. Overall pretty fun. I got an 84 bitches!

K-Guare responds:

Lol, well glad you liked it. :]


didnt even play the game couldnt be fucked waitin for the shit to start i dont care if it was the greatest game eva i got sick of waitin for the game to start from all that initializing shit

K-Guare responds:

The initialization was a test, you were being scored on it.
Obviously you didn't score too well, and/or didn't see the
[cancel load] button at the bottom right corner.

The initialization was also less than 30 seconds long,
how big is your attention span?


LOL i got a 89 then a 13 when i did the test 2 times. But the results were pretty accurate. How do you do these things. But hey, I never tastes bagels before...

Btw, is a higher score better or a lower score better? What do they even mean?