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Reviews for "MindFeed"


While there isn't a lot to it, it certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat. You'll definitely want to play it more than once, to see what different reactions and scoring you can get. Though, something tells me that the score is a bit superfluous, since it doesn't tell you what kind of score is better. As far as I could tell from my scores I couldn't tell if higher was actually better or not. I thought the nil value for fun was a good joke though.

K-Guare responds:

For a while I didn't want to say, but it's been so long now...
The scores aren't supposed to mean anything, it's an interpretative thing.
I originally made this to see different reactions in scoring, and
how a simple quiz game can mean so much to people.

I don't know about a sequel to this anymore,
but you hit the nail on the head here:
the score - although not randomly generated - is of questionable nature.

And that's how I wanted it. ;)
Have a good day, and thnx4tha10!


this was great, but my numbered score means what? other than that this was great.

K-Guare responds:

See what I told the last guy, Koref. ;)

Thank you, by the way.


i liked it, it had a nice feel to it. it was also pretty accurate on the personality.
i got a score of 85 but after looking at some of the other scores people got, i have to ask. does the score actually mean anything? and if it does, then is a lower score or a higher score better?

very good game 10/10 5/5

K-Guare responds:

Hah, well the intention of this game was really to see
what people *thought* their score meant.

It's interesting how some can, say, assume that
their score of 60 is a bad score,
while some assume their score of 9 is the best ever.
It's all about perception, and if you really think about what
the score means, it's just a useless number.

Thank you. :)


I liked it. very... mind bending. It went into my mind, went back out, and did a little dance, made a little love, and got down tonight. Apparantly I've just broken your perfect 1700 reviews streak.

I forget my score actually, but it was cool. You can count on that.

I bet your next game will rock everybody's socks back and forth baby!

K-Guare responds:

November 2009? Gah. I could have sworn I've
looked at this dumb page at least once before then.

I'm glad you liked it, turtleco. :)
Thanks for always being behind what I do, son. No joke.

No Words Can Describe... :)

Yup, I've seen some 'personality' quizes in my lifetime..
But none are as acurate as this one..
Even though it ins't one..
My score was 36..
And yeah it was awesome..
I bet you aren't going to make more cause of the frame by frame..
Still one of the weirdest and funniest games I've seen in a long time..

K-Guare responds:

Since I made this I've gotten a lot better at programming.
A sequel game, should there be one, WONT be frame by frame.
You're right about that: I'm sure as hell not doing that again.
But I'm glad you liked the game,
36 is one of my favorite numbers. :]

Thanks for the review, you have a nice day now. <3