Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

Eclipse the Genres

It is really easy to imagine this as a portion of the soundtrack for a portion of 'Fear Unlimited.' It makes me think that Encon is making his way toward a Boss, and that the **** is about to hit the fan, so to speak.

I have always liked your style, and you are one of very few Newgrounds artists from whom I download. Whether it's rock, trance, or orchestral you do it very well. I think you nailed the style, although there is something very steady about the pacing (as in, I hear very little change, where you usually shift things). If I was to loop this one too enough, it would all eventually sound the same, so I am looking forward to the V.2 version. There's also a noticeable half-second pause before it loops here.

I would like to mention that over the years, your 'Rose' songs have been becoming progressively better. 'Epic' is the word I would apply, so I always look forward to new submissions.

Lately I have been watching a lot of 'Fairy Tail' and that type of anime. This would fit a 'traveling to battle' or 'preparing for battle' scene very well. I personally enjoy the fusion of musical styles that you, among others, seem to use so I look forward to a little orchestral and a little rock.

NemesisTheory responds:

I would never have imagined this for fear unlimited, actually! But reading your imagining, it could actually work haha! Wow, that's pretty awesome.

I understand what you mean, I tried to envision this in a game when I was making this, and the sudden changes wouldn't have fit if it had streamed into the next version, so I went with something that had a clear red line throughout the song you could follow. You're right about it getting old faster if you have it on repeat for a while. xD That pause is NG's fault, haha!

Thank you, I always try to make the next one better as much as I can, although I took a few risks with this one obviously. :)

I haven't heard about that anime at all! I'll have to look into it. :D

I favorited in teh first three seconds,

I knew it would only get better from there.
The only thing I could choose to dislike about it would be that it is a bit repetitive, and never takes a large shift, but stays the same thing throughout. But I still do love the orchestral, dramatic theme of it, as it sounds amazing.

Wow sounds almost legit

Can't say I know where this is from or even heard of the game but it sounds absolutely amazing and has a lot of potential for being a good source. In short this is epic!

NemesisTheory responds:

I'd be surprised if you did! It's an original song, just inspired by RPG music, haha! :D

I'm happy you enjoyed it! <3


Sorry but I feel like I've heard something like this about a zillion times. So it's probably good enough for NG but...
I have zero complaints about the instruments you chose, the mixing, etc. But I think you need to experiment a lot more and try some unusual ideas to do something truly original. Your theme is pretty repetitive also, especially the drum pattern. Good job with the strings in the background, though.

Aw, buddy! I got hooked to your music when I heard the Nightfall one... keep it up! I'm imagining this in an epic video game...