Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

It's great!

Would love to hear this with a splash of metal ,|..|

NemesisTheory responds:

and you will! soon <3

I like the new approach

I always have a knack for the orchestral fanfare type of music. This has that "Marching into battle" feel that would make guys like MaestroRage proud. I really enjoy the melodic aspect of using strings and piano here; it usually increases the feel without resorting the need to "Rock out loud" (Not that I have against it). All in all, great music, you've outdone yourself yet again, trying out other rhythms and still being epic. I can see why this is called "Rose at Eclipse", the transition of something from old to new, and in this case, a transition of your orchestral beginning of the song towards a more "Final" ending.

NemesisTheory responds:

strings and piano really do work well together, don't they! i know exactly what you mean though. :)

Thanks a lot, i'm glad people are finding it a joy to listen to, i honestly wasn't sure i did a good job at this style, so seeing reviews like this really makes me feel a lot better XD

good perception on the title of the track by the way ;)

Awesome, literally.

This is a truly amazing piece of work, so much so that I actually felt the need to submit a review (a first for me, on Newgrounds). I love the bassline in this. It gives the music a sense of desperation and urgency (exactly what you need in a boss battle).

I can totally see this being used in a big name RPG. To me, it's up to the standard of Nobuo Uematsu. Hell, if I heard that he composed this, I wouldn't be surprised (although it's not really his style).

Well, I guess that's it. I can't really think of anything negative to say; it's that good. I've listened to the other Rose tracks, and I can honestly say that this is the best out of them (except I'm a bit biased towards this orchestral style). I'm glad that my first review on Newgrounds is one so positive.

PS It's nice to see that Lost Odyssey isn't completely lost.

NemesisTheory responds:

Wow, I feel honored!! Thank you for taking the time to write your first review for me <3

i'm happy you noticed that about the bassline... i was uncomfortable using just a piano as a main bass (since i usually use stuff like fretbasses or slapbasses) so i'm glad you liked that about it. :3

I'd love to see this in an actual RPG actually haha, and wow, that's an amazing compliment! thank you so much. nobuo is the master of the genre :)

I'm also glad your first review was that positive!!

Lost Odyssey is amazing. I wish more people played it, and I wish my xbox would've let me played more of it (RROD).

YESS!! A COMPUTER!!! *reviews*

Lots of different instruments included, sounds very orchestral(which I may say I am a HUGE fan of) and is very well put together. How long did you spend on this? Obviously a lot of time has gone into it as there is a lot going out throughout most of the song. Cannot wait to hear version 2 if it comes out! I don't feel there's a lot to complain about. I really like the genre and cannot help but LOVE the kind of "No turning back" feel :p

NemesisTheory responds:

yaaay another orchestral fan haha!

it took me about 2-3 days arrangement wise, the rest i either spent waiting and touching up a few things. and it will come out, just not sure when lol xD

I'm happy you liked the song <3
i like that no turning back feeling also :D you should check out Xenoblade Chronicles' music for that, it makes this seem like nothing haha

" ^_^ <3 "

Mmm....I don't know why but this one reminds me the tales' series a bit for some reason.Maybe because of those bells that i heard.
As the guy below me it's more orchestral than the others i don't know if i'm wrong but looks like it's your 1st time that you make an orchestral more seriously,right?
The only little complaint is that the music is kinda "stationary".What i mean by that is...i thought that the music will change in one moment.

Well i got a track called " Nexus - Battle theme ".You should check it out and maybe you'll understand what i'm tried too say.

"About the ending it's kinda normal .Even my loops end like that but you'll notice about that once.

In overall

that's an awesome music got here.Like always i guess.Thanks for remind me to listen to it.I really enjoyed it.( Downloaded ) XD

5/5 9/10


- YanX

Note: Be sure too check out my track that i mentioned up and leave a review if you want of course.;)

NemesisTheory responds:

Tales has really nice music, so thanks for that! And yes, i havent really done orchestral seriously before xD

i know what you mean, but this time i wanted there to be one 'red line' to follow throughout the song, i really didn't think any serious switchups were necessary.. beside the switch to rock, ofcourse, but that didn't work out due to reasons i wrote in the comments :3

i will check out your song soon!

thanks for the scores and review <3