Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"



NemesisTheory responds:




As a huge fan of Nier, I completely understand what you're going for. I've yet to hear any soundtrack that is as well developed and just so incredible as Nier's, however, this song you've got right here is just amazing! I've played a great number of games with such epic boss battle that I honestly wish this played in. In fact, a game this song truly makes me think about is Musashi: Samurai Legends from the PS2, pretty epic game if you got past the lightning bolt hair :P But anyway, Based off of this, I cant wait for the 2.0 :) This is just awesome on so many levels.
10/10? No. It's power levels... They're over 9000!!!
xD Amazing Job, Keep it up!!!

NemesisTheory responds:

Yaaayy a fellow Nier fan!! I completely agree with you, Nier's soundtrack is really something else, I could listen to that for days and not get tired of them.

I can't say i've played Musashi: Samurai Legends, but I love samurai so I might have to look into it. xD Even if only to understand what you meant ;o

I'm happy you enjoyed it, and I hope you'll enjoy 2.0 as well!


This deserves a 9999/10

Really this is epic music, would Extremely suit a boss stage and i give you luck in your game :D because this is some Freaking epic music! RATE RATE RATE :D

NemesisTheory responds:

Haha thanks! I'm not making a game by the way, I was just imagining this song to be in one when I made it. xD

Holy freaking crap...

A new Rose song... absolutely epic. :D

That's all I can say... It's well mastered and sounds phenomenal.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks a lot! <33


Beautiful song. Please keep up the great work. When I hear this I think of that long awaited battle with your nemisis right before the final (and often not nearly as challanging, rewarding, or aurally pleasing) battle, against his boss/ruler/contoller/etc.

In short this song is simply epic. <3 it deeply. 10/10 5/5.

NemesisTheory responds:

Haha wow, you're so right about that! In fact, reading your comment immediately reminds me of Bayonetta and the final fight with Jeanne, and then the rather well, bland final bossfight. xD

Thanks a lot for the scores and review <3