Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

Dawn, Midnight, Nightfall, Twilight, Meridiem..

so many different names and now Eclipse! Always liked the collection of Roses, what's the next one? Dusk or somethin? they don't come that frequently but when they do it sure makes my ears really happy :D I look forward to the next rose.

Very good!

It's very, very good. I loved your Rose at Meridiem, and this is not a letdown, sir! A battle tune that makes the blood boil is what I needed this day. The only thing that I can point out is that there is a slight out of sync when listening to it in loop. But it's not a loop, but a song, so you may disregard that. Anyway, it's awesome.

Simply Amazing

When I first walked into the Audio Portal, I was expecting some weird dubstep stuff that wouldn't spark my interest. Then I hear this. I literally sat still just to listen to this.
I can instantly imagine myself, Morning Star mace in hand, facing off against an evil tyrant with flames around us as this music plays. If there was any sort of moment like this happening, this song would fit it to a T, and more. Simply a gorgeous musical piece that I wouldn't mine hearing in a game.
I mean, I'd love to post some constructive criticism, but I can't find anything wrong since I'm enjoying this so much.

Aw shee-

Sounds like someone's been playing xenoblade chronicles.
Seriously though, great song! keep it up ;)


That was seriously awesome. Sounds like something you would hear in Final Fantasy or something. That was truly worthy of being in an all-time best seller game. FTW

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! I'd actually love to hear this in a final fantasy game and see if it actually fits lol xD

Thanks for the kind words and review <33