Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

More epic than anything ever.

This track is pure mastery. As far as epic confrontations go, I can't imagine anything less than pure mayhem unfolding to this track; anything less is a dishonor. I've heard all the Rose songs and followed you (NT) since I heard Edge of Faith. Your other songs are great, super, fantastic, but this right here? This is fucking you.

Superior win, girl. Looking forward to the next Rose.


Definitely amazing. This sounds like something you would be swept away by on a surround sound. Plus, the wide range of instruments keeps it from getting boring. Definitely a 10. Plus, for game themes..... Hmmm... I'm thinking Soul Calibur. I could totally hear this in it.

The ONLY thing I have to point out, is that the end/begining of the loop when it replays is a tad rough. But then again, that could just be my computer, or if it IS the song, hey, a tiny clip can fix it. I love this song. Definitely a favorite. 3 thumbs up.


Once again, you've outdone yourself by raising the bar on your own work. You've really managed to capture the moment with this piece; exhilarating, soft in a way yet intense. Keep it up! You're one of the reasons people keep coming back to Newgrounds.

first comment

i've listened to thousands of songs via newgrounds and other sites and this is the first song that i've felt compelled to give the author my 2 cents. this is an amazing song. i can feel all of the emotions that are at stake in this battle. truly amazing. i hope to hear more from you

I didn't think it was possible...

Your Rose Series is one of the best music series i've listened to and I didn't think that you could top Rose at Twilight, which is my current favorite of the set...

Then you released this. How you manage to top a perfect 10 in my opinion is beyond me but you do so every time. My one regret is that I can't match with a 15 or something higher...thanks Nem. This is something i'd expect to hear in a professional game, which makes me wonder why you haven't been scouted yet.