Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

ok that settles it

when i finally start my video game company im hiring you

Yesss! finally!

I've been waiting for another! I downloaded all your songs to listen to. You're so good at this kind of thing. Keep being awesome! :)

very cool

Just as good as Two Steps From Hell


Nemesis... Thank you for your music. other than nobuo you are my inspiration. Thank you so much! :)

More epic than anything ever.

This track is pure mastery. As far as epic confrontations go, I can't imagine anything less than pure mayhem unfolding to this track; anything less is a dishonor. I've heard all the Rose songs and followed you (NT) since I heard Edge of Faith. Your other songs are great, super, fantastic, but this right here? This is fucking you.

Superior win, girl. Looking forward to the next Rose.