Reviews for "Cassher zero sins"

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Who is tate?


The depth you put into this is brilliant. I absolutely love the Zero modification (I've always been a big fan of megaman, especially Zero). What makes it truly wonderful for me, is the background, it's dark, but you added green and it truly makes the picture "pop".

woah woah woah...

a little too brutal for me... i cant handle giving it anything less that a 5... this is amazing man. I'm truly impressed. i cant think of anything to make it better. Keep it up man.

Good Job

Good Job, why you just not become an artist?

If there is any anime character I truly adore...

... I mean, besides Sephiroth, that would surely be Casshern.

I thought I will be one of the typical fanboys drooling over just any Casshern drawing I see, but this one's taken the idea to the very next level of appreciation.

Shading, sharp style, and that amazing semi-psychotic stare from the helmet. You managed to capture the true soul of Casshan's mental wasteland.