Reviews for "Teratai"

AHAHAHA! *grinning*

Nothing like a dream come true! Well, I might be dramatizing, but it feels so right man! Throbby, open, passionate. I looked up teratai in the dictionary.com, all I got was teratoid: of, resembling, or being a teratoma teratoid tumor. Lol that's not what you were going for was it?

Anti-Citizen responds:

No... No i definitely wasn't going for that. :P Teratai is Malaysian/Indonesian for Lotus. Because i secretly stole a quite distinctive sound from flying lotus. Listen to his stuff and eventually you'll find it. ^__^ Glad you like it. Thx for the review. :D

Perfect. Just perfect. Reminds me of FlyLo. Never, ever stop doing what you do.

You really need to start sending in to some labels, getting your work out there. NG is ok, but you deserve better.

Very Sexy.

Well, this is my type of sexy. It hasn't got tits or arse, but a lot of tummy and huge hips. The mix is intriguing throughout, but that deep vocal humming gives that high crispy treble a perfect deep base contrast, a bit like smooth warm apple underneath awesome crumble.


Atmospheric dude, I'm liking it :D. Got a great sound to it, I would definitely call this one Miscellaneous :P. Great work man!

Where do you come up with your titles?

No matter what you put as a title, it still seems to fit the music. I really like this one, man. It has a darker mood than your other tracks.