Reviews for "MetroidPrimeCatastrophe 2"

Aah we always like your flashes Shadowii2

Sylux however was the smartest of the hunters. (using his ship to fire at Samus)
As for Sylux... everyone made rumors of him being at the ending of MP3 or some reincarnation of Dark Samus.... well... Maybe Sylux is the reincarnation of Dark Samus aka Metriod prime? We dont know...

Anyway... great flash and at the jokes... well I seen better... It was hella funny when Spire said Money and Justin Bailey code as also funny.

Still you could have added 3 mystery jokes.
A: What happened to the Omega Cannon?
B: What is Sylux really?
C: Why did Sylux ignore Samus down on that volcano planet I dont know the name off right now?

Just suggestions but keep up the good work.

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, he sure was, I wonder do the other hunters even have ships or so.
And maybe, it's not told anywhere that what Sylux is so I can't really tell anything to that for sure, but he does look like he's a hunter like Samus, human in a power suit.

And those three jokes you mentioned could have been pretty good too, but didn't remember anything like that while I was writing the script.

Oh well, anyway, thanks for the review!

friggin amazing

this flash is the best ive seen in awhile mixed with comedy ur a geniuos

Shadowii2 responds:

Nah, not a genious, Sylux's voice actor gave me the ideas for most of the storyline so you gotta credit him.

Thanks for the review.

This Flash made my day!


Shadowii2 responds:

Oh snap! It's the Galaxy edition! ...Wonder how much does it cost anyway?

Thanks for the review.


Loved when spire went to samus and said "MOMMY!" lol. Oh Congrats on king of the portal =)

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks there! =)

OMG Trace has a Tank

I liked the animation, was funny xD

and loved the parody