Reviews for "MetroidPrimeCatastrophe 2"


that was as funnt as cats metal on dude

Shadowii2 responds:

Hmm, now that's weird comparing, never heard of something like that.
Thanks for the review though.


im Feelin sorry for poor spire.. but he shouldnt have been so perverted :P

Shadowii2 responds:

Heh, or so sick to find his mother that is. :P
Thanks for the review.


that was a good flash alsonice voice act

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, glad you enjoyed!

Verry funny

Ive never played a motroid game but that was freakin funny, Im becoming quite a fan of yours :D

also, its so nice to see a guy who takes the time to reply to every comment!, thats why your the king, when my flash is done Im gonna do the same, maby Ill be the one replying to your comment

Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks there. Glad ya enjoyed, you should get yourself to play some of the games! Especially the 2D ones :P (Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion and Metroid Zero Mission for example)

Also yep, in my opinion way too few people reply to the reviews they get. Some of them of course read them and reply if necessary, but in my opinion the person should reply to show he/she has read the review.

Mommy! I thot we hd sumtin specal??

Hah! Great stuff man. I lol'd so hard.

Shadowii2 responds:

haha, thanks. Glad ya liked!