Reviews for "MetroidPrimeCatastrophe 2"


really awesome graphics.
But... I'm sorry, but the story sucked ass. Samus? please. And the lines were so corny. Like 'you're so slow sherlock' or w/e.
It was supposed to be funny, but it was sooooooooo corny. I can't give you less than a 6 though, the graphics were good.

Shadowii2 responds:

Hmm, I see then.
Thanks for your opinions there anyway.

It was decent :)

The animation was very smooth, even though it was a tween heaven. Also the drawings were decent and you could tell you had spent a while drawing them.

However the humour was very childish and very slapstick. For instance Spire annoyed the crap out of me as he repeated the same punch line over and over. So I'd try and get a better script writer next time, someone who isn't 6 year olds.

The voice acting was good as well, TheHande and TomaMato did a very good job while the rest were of good quality.

Overall, the animation was good, the voice acting was swell but you just need a better plot and script.

(Oh and it was hard to tell who was talking because I didn't recognize those video game characters as I'm not really into games.)

Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, this was probably my last "only-tweens" submission, as I hate gotten little fed up with tweening everything.

And it's just that I don't have very mature humor and that I don't like adding abusive, racist, cock jokes and so on.

I'm not really that good animator script writing wise, I used to have a lots of original thoughts but seems I can't pull them off when it comes to making actually something.

And I see, probably those people will like this more who have played the games, or at least Metroid Prime Hunters on NDS.


That was so lame!! I look like LF work or even worst! I admire graphic, coz was nie and all but still this si below all scales.. that was just pathetic. LF sense of humor....

Shadowii2 responds:

Fun fact: I haven't liked LF's humor since I started making my own flashes.
Also do you really think LF is the ONLY one to use this type of humor?

Be little bit more open about jokes, like for example I hate cock jokes, but I have nothing against the people who do.

Ihan hyvä

Muuten todella hyvä, mutta Samuksen ääninäyttelijällä saisi olla vähän enemmän tunnetta mukana

Shadowii2 responds:

Juu, olen kyllä samaa mieltä tuon asian kanssa, muttas kiitosta reviewistä.

mom? mo-mommy? mommy? were are you!

rolf nice touch making spire stupid man that was funny

Shadowii2 responds:

Heh, thanks for the review.