Reviews for "Pasture Panic"

Great game

Very simple, a little on the hard side though. I thought that the power ups could have been a little more creative and a little more useful. But you made a really fun and addicting game. Kudos to dzikhunters


funny and origional ^^ +favorite


This game is a total classic. I managed 59 seconds and 30 dogs... I love this game

128274 with 64 dogs

Not a bad game :D Like said before, nice tme waster. At fist I didn't know what to do, I thought I was the dogs, then I realized I was the sheep and had to avoid the dogs. Instructions would have been convienient, bu you know I figured it out like any other person should :/ Graphics were suitable for the game and the sound was pretty good on it too. I liked the squishing sound of the sheep when caught by a dog :P Overall I thought it was a nice little game, there isn't much to do with the game on improvement but I am sure the many people of Newgrounds can find something.

You got a 10 because I can't really see any reason not too...

Its simple yet delivers a challenge, and its a nice little time waster. If I can't justify giving you a smaller score, you get the 10 :P


how come the sheep runs faster horizontally, and slower vertically?