Reviews for "Wesley Snipes Goes 2 Jail"

"Lex and Terry"

I gotta agree with InsaneXJokr. It reminds me of Lex and Terry, except I think they would have done a better job of it, no offense though to opie and anthony. I just believe Dee Skee would have done a better Wesley Snipes impersonation, and Lex would be throwing in a few jabs of his own. Taint would feed on a few of the jokes, throwing in his jabs and Terry would just be cracking up, joining in to buffer Dee and Taint's comments during the whole thing. Sarah, on the other hand, would just be screening phone calls or doin' her own lazy ass thing, probably laughing into the microphone.

Lex and Terry

Why does this remind me so much of lex and terry this is hilarious

Wesley snipes in jail

very funny keep it up. I look toward another series of this.


my god that was funny, "i know alot about taxes"

It is so full of Epicness!

LOve ot...wow..just wow!