Reviews for "Go Go Plant 2"


OMG i've been playing this game for like 3 hours! ahaha very addicting and the music is funny :) ahah :) :) :)

CUTIIII COOLLL ... >;|/ ...

I saw this really cool now very much the same ... )^_^(


Good thinking! putting a secert treasure at the beginning, where noone's looking! Who would've thought of that?! I know I wouldn't have!

There's a secret!

AWESOME GAME! I love it! But Track A is so goddamn annoying...
By the way, you can get some sneaky peaky 5000 points at the start! Press and hold the down arrow key at the start and wait until a crazy voice says something and you get the 5k. Good shortcut for Arcade mode ;)

Cool game!

Great design, sound, music.....certain things seem to be too close in proximity that your plant dude keeps dying. Perhaps if obstacles were just a little more spread out it would make the game better! Otherwise it was still a fun game :)