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Reviews for "Go Go Plant 2"


loved it, was a bit tricky :)
the music was great

good very good

ok flash but good music


Wow, I'm not sure if I've ever given a 10 before... This game is AWESOME!!! The music, the craziness (and might I say that it is in fact positively wacky), and the game play are all phenomenal. I was kinda upset to have to start over at first once I died, but then when I realized how short the levels are... it seemed perfectly reasonable! The arcade style at the beginning was what got me hooked, and when I started playing the insanity of it all kept me playing! Great game!

good game!

its an awsome game the controlls are a little confusing for me but i got the hang of it 9/10=)

great game

good music and the old arcade style made me enjoy playing this a lot, good stuff